Born in Wiesbaden in 1983, I spent my studies of Media Dramaturgy and communication between 2003 and 2011 in Mainz and Salvador da Bahia, Brazil. Studying Brazilian films inspired me to write an article on the contemporary Brazilian cinema, which has been published in a volume on contemporary cinema in Latin America at Text+Kritik in 2010. Back in Germany I focused on German cinema and published a study on the German film director Christian Petzold at the Nomos Verlag in 2011.

With my university degree in Media Dramaturgy I dedicated myself to literary forms of writing and after some fictional projects and a commissioned work on a literary docu-fiction, I have mainly been working in content development for documentaries for the German TV stations ARTE, ZDF and SWR.

My natural curiosity made me constantly discover new countries, new languages and new forms of writing and today I am experienced in script writing, story telling, content development, research, editing dramaturgy, character development and translation services.

Dramaturgy, Script-Aid, Content Development, Copywriting, Transcriptions, Research, Translations (PT/D, EN/D), Ghostwriting , Webcontent